Interesting facts about Tractors

Indisputably, tractors are very much essential for farming in today’s times. Agriculture has gone through a major transformation since tractors were pioneered. Now, let us go through some of the most interesting tractors facts:

  1. The word “tractor” originates from “trahere”, which is a Latin word and implies to pull. Initially, the word meant an engine intended for wagons and some other implements. However, in 1859, the word gained a new meaning – that of tractor engine.
  2. The steam-engine tractor was developed during the late 1800s and many people thought this to be an insane idea.
  3. A lesser known fact by many is that Budweiser and diesel engines were backed by the same individual.
  4. There are more than 16 million tractors across the globe. This implies that a third of the overall energy utilized for agricultural production purpose is made use by tractors.
  5. It may seem unbelievable, but the fact is that earlier tractor had metal wheels. Steel wheels in the past were in fact the primary source of power for farms.
  6. The first tractors powered by petrol were established in the 1890’s. However, they were not that much powerful to handle the farming chores.
  7. There can be as many as 12 tyres in a big tractor and these tyres can even be higher than a person.
  8. Tractors cannot reach great speeds. If a tractor is pushed beyond its speed limits, then it can have issues.
  9. Blacksmith and John Froelich designed the first tractor. This tractor was aimed at moving backward and forward and it was presented in the market long way back in 1892.
  10. The front end loaders of tractors were developed and designed in 1958 by a Swedish company named Alo. These loaders were created to perform a wide range of farming jobs at a low cost.
  11. LeTourneau L-2350 is the biggest front end loader and these tractors are made in Texas at the moment.

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