Are organic foods pesticide free?

The Organic food means the naturally grown food without harmful  or artificial chemicals. ‘Organic’ means any product that is atleast 95% organic according to the organic standards. It does not mean that that are free from pesticides. The sustained growth of the organic progress has reached a positive change for the general food supply. A fact has to be understood that not all but some organic foods are grown with chemical inputs i.e. without the use of pesticides or herbicides.

There are organic pesticides developed completely from the herbs and plants that enhances the productivity of the soil and the plants. It completely depends on the size and the scope of the specific organic farm as there varies  the cultivation standards. In the similar manner, there are organic farms that may require to utilize the chemical solutions to the crops.

The food organically  are grown in an artificial chemical free environment but it is not true that they are grown without chemicals. If compared with the pesticides made by man then the the pesticides that naturally occur are better for the environment. Natural pesticides are used in organic farming. As the other agricultural practices, the organic farming too utilizes the the organic pesticides to protect the crops. They are derived from the natural sources. The organic food cannot be said to be pesticide free as it too requires the organic pesticides that are found to be potentially better.

It is not possible to grow food without the use of pesticides or any other chemicals for the protection of crops. The organic food are not grown pesticides free. In fact the farmers are allowed to use the synthetic pesticides but when it comes to the organic farmers, there are limitations to choose the natural pesticides as they pollute the land and the water in less proportion.

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