Interesting facts about agriculture

  1. There are around 2 million farms that are in the rural landscape of the U.S. Approximately 97% of American farms are managed by individuals, families, family corporations or family partnerships.
  2. Just 2% of the American population is comprised by farms and farm families.
  3. There are as many as 20 million Americans, which is 15% of the total American workforce, who produce and sell the country’s food.
  4. America’s agricultural produce is exported all over the world. An interesting thing is that The U.S. sells more fibre and food across the world compared to importing it.
  5. Agriculture is often defined as the art, science of nurturing the soil, raising livestock and producing crops in also marketing of consequential products.
  6. Interestingly, there are numerous types of ranches and farms, including vegetable farms and dairy farms. There are also herb farms, mushroom farms, tree farms and even fish farms.
  7. Ranchers and farmers not only plant crops, but they also produce a number of products.
  8. The main reason for agriculture is to harvest food so that we can eat. But, remarkably non-edible portions of animals and plants are used for making other products, which we utilise on a daily basis.
  9. Apart from food, agriculture also provides biofuel, housing and fibre. Though it sounds unbelievable, agriculture has a huge influence on our day to day lives in every way.
  10. Compared to the earlier times, farmers these days produce much more food with lesser inputs like fertilizer, feed, seeds etc.
  11. One out of three American farm acres is sown for export purpose. Around 20% of farm income is derived from exports.
  12. Farmers implement crop rotation to take care of their land. Crop rotation is the practice of cultivating different crops on the very same land.
  13. Agriculture can have a great impact on the economy of any country. In fact, agriculture touches our lives in many ways.

These are just some of the most fascinating agriculture facts.

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