Interesting facts about Trees

Trees are useful to mankind in many ways. We adore their gorgeousness and desire their shade. But, there are many interesting facts about tress that we are sure you have never heard of. Did you know that trees do not grow from the bottom? Yes, they grow from top. There are more than 23000 different types of trees all over the world. They get around 10% of their nourishment from the soil and as much as 90% from the atmosphere. Shrubs and trees that are maintained well can increase property worth by more than 20%. They protect your property from extreme exposure to the wind or the sun. So, if you want to better your property value, grow trees.

Trees can reduce your air conditioning requirements if they are placed properly around your building. They are known to stimulate rainfall. Trees are natural and inexpensive recyclers.Through photosynthesis, trees stabilise the quality of our air. They absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. Another amazing fact about trees is that some of them can “communicate” with one other. Yes, when they are attacked by insects, they alert each other and defend themselves from chemicals produced by insects. Trees are known to help in reducing pollution and energy conservation.

The leaves of trees have variouscolored pigments. Many food additives like for chewing gums, ice cream etc. are from trees. Also, numerous food products like nuts, coffee, fruits etc. originate from trees. Apart from this, there are thousands of products that are created from trees. Most of the trees yield flowers. You can know the age of trees by their growth rings. Trees also undergo stress like humans. They are extremely sensitive to environment. The roots of trees do not grow deep. Water from forests makes drinking water available to millions of people. These are some of the many noteworthy facts about trees.

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