Garden & Lawn Maintenance

Cleanliness is very much essential for a healthy mind-set. It’s definitely not a choice!!  It is next to progressiveness. It is the beauty of our nature that adds value tour space, be it a house, public area, office etc. Embracing the beauty by making it colourful & healthy.

Garden maintenance is a tedious task !! A gardener has to become a mother, nurturing her baby by digging the hard earth, planning it well, laying out seeds for different kind of plants, watering & providing them food on time to get the most beautiful blossoming plants.

Your garden needs love,care & affection just like humans. You need to touch and handle them as gently as possible. Below are few basic tips on lawn & garden maintenance:

  • Aerating the lawn once or twice a year can help soil become healthier & stronger permitting the essential nutrients to reach the soil & the roots of the plants. It is recommended to aerate sandy soils
  • The nutrition of the soil needs to be checked as it contributes to grass growth
  • Grass needs to be mowed timely with a sharp blade. A dull blade can formulate diseases
  • Fertilize the soil as it contains nutrients that needs to be reached to the soil. But do not fertilize in summers as it stresses the grass, not supporting the root system.
  • Abolish the weeds, if any,from the base of the plants till you find its roots
  • Observe for the insect infestations on the exuberant & green lawn,

Maintaining your garden/ lawn with the above steps,and then walking barefoot on the freshly cut & healthy grass, inhaling the fresh air with the tickling sensation on the feet, always gives a rejuvenating feeling for a stressed mind. Knowingly or unknowingly each one of us have been attracted to gardens since childhood

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