Interesting facts about Grapes

Grape – is very well known and popular plant. Grapes were grown in the time of the Egyptian pharaohs, a few hundreds or thousands of years BC. Since then, the grapes didn’t loss its significance, but became even more popular.

Interesting facts about grapes:

  1. There are about 10 thousand grape varieties worldwide.
  2. Every sort of grapes we have today is a species of the genus Vitis.
  3. The world produces more than 70  million  tons of grapes each year to keep up with consumer demand.
  4. To get a bottle of wine, it is necessary to process about 600-700 berries.
  5. Grapes can be eaten fresh or can be used for making wine, jam, juice, jelly, raisins, vinegar, etc.
  6. The most of the grape’s harvest goes to the production of wine and brandy.
  7. Grape – one of the most high-calorie fruit.
  8. More antioxidants are in the peel of the grape.
  9. There are grape varieties that grow more than hundred of years, each year their harvest is increasing.
  10. Grapes contain some components used in the production of cosmetics against aging and sun protection.
  11. Since grapes contain a large amount of glucose and fructose, it helps to improve brain function.
  12. Top 5 grapes producing countries in the world are: China, United States,  Italy,Spain and France.
  13. More than 300,000 tons of grape production comes from California which represents about 89 % of the total US grape crop.
  14. There are two groups of grapes: European and American. The European grapes are more popular and more diversified.
  15. The average people eats about eight pounds of grapes each year.

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