Interesting facts about Roses

Who doesn’t love roses? Roses are loved by people all over the world and are counted amongst the most loved flowers. The most interesting thing about roses is that there are as many as a hundred distinct varieties of roses available that differ in size, shape, color and weather preference. These beautiful flowers are cultivated in many places. Most of them originate from Asia and there are others that originate from Africa, North America and Europe. The highest rose bush is a whopping 23 feet tall. According to a survey on gardeners in the U.S.A., it was concluded that roses are the most sought-after flowers by individuals.

Many people mistaken prickles on roses for thorns. Roses have been existing for a very long time. In fact, as many as 35 million years. They also live for a long period of time. Wild roses blossom only one time in a year. Roses are available in a wide range of colors and these diverse colors are used to depict distinct feelings of emotion and passion. For example, red roses depict love, romance and passion, yellow roses portray happiness and empathy and pink roses represent gentleness and romance.

A very fascinating thing about roses is that they can be eaten. They can be used in cakes, desserts and salads. Rose petals are also used to make marmalade, jelly and jam. Rose water is used in nougat and gumdrops. Rose syrup is used in ice creams. The fruit of the rose plant is known as rose hip. Something that is not known by many is that rose hip is rich in Vitamin C. Rose oil is a key ingredient for perfumes. A huge quantity of roses are required for extraction of the smallest amount of perfume oil. Rose is undoubtedly an opulent flower and lives for a long time. Roses are a symbol of friendship, love, enthusiasm and purity.

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