Interesting facts about Soil

Soil is composed of nutrients, living organisms, organic matter and minerals. Soil is frequently ignored by people. The fact is that soil has an impact on various areas of people’s lives.  Everyone depends on soil for various reasons, whether it is growing food or supporting buildings. There are many fascinating facts about soil. The most productive and valuable layer of soil is known as topsoil and it takes around 500 years to produce one inch of topsoil. Soil is made from various things. It comprises of many small creatures like earthworms, which turn animal material and plant into nutrients. It also comprises of decomposing sand or rock, animal remains, dead plant, fungi, clay and manure as well.

Soil consists 45% of minerals, 25% of air, 25% of water and 5% of organic matter. Therefore, 50% is water and air and the other 50% is decaying animals and plants and broken rock. Soil has four horizons known as Horizon A, B, C, R, E and O. Horizon R is the bedrock and Horizon O topsoil. Soil is found in various textures that is determined by the quantity of silt, clay and sand in the soil. Plant roots assist in prevention of soil erosion and hold the soil together. An estimated ten percent of the globe’s carbon dioxide secretions are deposited in soil.

There are loads of bacteria that live in soil. Organic material is recycled by these microorganisms in order to preserve soil fertility and sustain plant growth. It sounds incredible but a single cup of soil can have billions of bacteria. It takes years for topsoil to form. Worms enhance topsoil by consuming the organic material included in the soil and transform it into plant nutrients. Another amazing thing about soil is that it reduces the risk of floods by storing tonnes of water. Undoubtedly, soil is extremely vital to us.

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